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Embark on an elegant journey with our exclusive cabin offer aboard Mutiara Laut. Experience a tailor-made voyage, where each cabin showcases the finest Indonesian craftsmanship, ensuring a sophisticated and comfortable journey at sea.

Discover Indonesia’s diverse beauty on the Mutiara Laut, offering bespoke cruises to Komodo, Raja Ampat, and Alor. Celebrate the rich cultures, stunning landscapes, and vibrant marine life.

This exclusive offer is your ticket to a world of luxury and adventure, seamlessly combined for an extraordinary sailing experience. Embrace this unique opportunity to travel through Indonesia’s breathtaking beauty in unparalleled elegance aboard the Mutiara Laut.



Discover the spirit of Indonesia on Mutiara Laut, a classic schooner blending centuries of boatbuilding heritage with modern luxury. Each voyage offers an intimate glimpse into the country’s rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural beauty. Our dedicated crew ensures a unique and personalized journey, making every moment aboard this elegant vessel an unforgettable Indonesian adventure. Step into an authentic experience with Mutiara Laut, where luxury meets tradition in the heart of the sea.

Private Charter

From USD $10.000 / Night

Shared Cabins

From USD $690 / Night per Person

Rates & Availability

We are available for an exclusive & personalized charting trip, or renting a cabin for cost-effectiveness. Embark on the Mutiara Laut lifestyle your way!


From Our Guest Book

“Our journey aboard Mutiara Laut surpassed all expectations in every aspect. From the exceptional crew to the impressive boat, we felt at home from the moment we stepped aboard. Exploring the wonders of Raja Ampat proved to be a magnificent experience, making it one of the most rewarding adventures we have ever undertaken. We will come back very soon for another adventure!”

Paul’s family – Switzerland

Mutiara Laut made me feel I went back in time. The crew took care of us with a fantastic attitude and always smiling. Food was so good in every detail. My son wanted to stay and work with them.

Daniela – USA

Embarking on a 6-day, 5-night expedition with Mutiara Laut in Komodo National Park was truly unforgettable. The entire journey exceeded expectations with its stunning landscapes and exceptional service. The crew’s attentiveness and helpfulness made every moment a delight. Highly recommended for those seeking a blend of adventure and luxury in one of the world’s most breathtaking destinations.

Meredith – USA

My 6-day trip aboard Mutiara Laut was nothing short of amazing. The yacht, the interior, the service, and the cuisine were all simply stunning, impeccably clean, and beautifully presented. The ambiance made me feel right at home, perfect for relaxation, all thanks to the exceptional crew! I’m definitely planning to return for another adventure with Mutiara Laut, next time to explore Raja Ampat

Catherin – UK

I want to say a very, very big thank you for our unforgettable time onboard Mutiara Laut! It was a super great travel experience! Not only was this a very special kind of vacation, but it was also an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. I highly recommend other guests try this experience! Can you imagine, on one cruise, you can swim with giant stingrays, absolutely friendly turtles, gentle giant whale sharks, as well as see Komodo dragons and pink sand beaches…

I’m rating the company’s services that high not only because I enjoyed staying on a beautiful and comfortable yacht, and not even because of the most interesting and beautiful region in which the voyage took place. The team that organized our trip deserves the highest praise! We received truly high-quality VIP service, starting from the booking stage, and then during every second of the journey.

I already miss your greeting us on board when we returned from snorkeling or after land excursions! 😍 I was also deeply touched by the concern for cold towels on the top of the mountain while trekking! Well, there’s no need to talk about what a cheerful and friendly team you are! Thank you so much for the delicious lunches and dinners and the super cool entertainment during the last evening’s dinner on the beach!

I can definitely recommend traveling onboard Mutiara Laut because it’s truly a Pearl of the Sea!

Olga Schacko – Ukraine

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